Sunday, September 26, 2010


 This is a photo of Kristina and her group, and her links are under the photo.

Hello to all my friends!! I am  happy to help a friend that is trying to do something wonderful for Christmas , she has a goal to make 50 baby quilts for the Orphanage in the city in which she lives ,she  needs help with baby quilt tops which she can add the batting and the backing and do the quilting on her machine,  she is located in Thessaloniki ,Greece and she has set up a studio in her home .   She is very actively showing and helping women learn the  craft, she is also planning on having the lady's which she has taught go in and show the young girls in the orphanage learn the craft and help familiarize  the craft , which is lacking in Greece.

I want to go back a bit as to how I met Kristina ,I met her through her facebook before I started blogging,  she cleverly titled Quilters of Greece Unite. I quickly became a member and wrote to her and soon we talked on the phone and got to know each other.     I have even met her in person and is just as sweet in person as on the phone.  I met up with her when she and her hubby had come to Athens with a friend visiting the City, we had arranged the day, and so we met and sat down at a little cafe under the Acropolis on a sunny day early spring , and we had even brought fq's with  us and swapped ,I have since used some of her fabric in my applique  ,just the right green for a tree .

Kristina has been quilting for over 15 years and is very active in her community she is also planning on going to the local senior citizens center and to the same ,and then she plans on going to the home for human Trafficking and offer the comfort of her quilts and to
teach the women the craft.  Kristina and I would greatly appreciate a baby or any small quilt top that can be stuffed in an envelope and sent to her in time to be quilted  for Christmas .  I myself have a couple atarted and plan on  finishing  them today ,I thank all of you for taking time to read ,and or help out in this great charitble cause , My best wishes to all.


sunny said...

I need to make a baby quilt very soon, so perhaps I'll try to make two at the same time. I'll let you know! Thanks for the history of this great project.

Oops-Lah said...

I will make a quilt as well. How big should it be? Please advice. Thanks! Hugs Vreni

The Homespun Loft said...

Hi- am Glad to follow you back-- you have some nice ideas on your blog.

Linda said...

Nice post about a very nice friend....I have been making blankets for Project Linus for a couple years now....I love making them for the sick and traumatized children of all ages. Good to give back....we all take so many bleesings for granted. This is my first visit to your site...I too just got a free motion quilting foot...I need more practice.

Micki said...

I have also been making a baby quilt for the Gracie project, so I know how nice it is to do that.

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

What a wonderful cause...and your friendship with Kristina is great. I will pop over to her site and check it out.
I would love to help out with your cause.

Valentina said...

Theodora, this is such an amazing cause.
I already promised 2 quilts for another orphanage. But I believe my mother in law is traveling to Thessaloniki in 2 weeks... I will do my best!
Thank you so much for including me in this, Theodora!