Tuesday, June 29, 2010

stuffed veggies

Hello everyone !! I had bought tons of veggies last Saturday from the farmers market , so as soon as I got home I rolled up my sleeves and started to make my favorite dish which is stuffed veggies . I chopped a small bunch of parsley,2 med.onions,about half a pound of ground beef and then I counted how many veggies I have to fill a Greek lady once told me you put in one level tbsp. of rice for each veggie so I counted and measured like a good girl and added my salt and pepper and stuck it in the fridge and then I washed the veggies I used ripe tomatoes,eggplant and bell peppers I put them in a big round pan and took it with me to the living room and hollowed them out while watching T.V.after hollowing out the tomatoes I put the insides of the tomatoes that I hallowed out in the processor and through it in the bowl with the other ingredients .And here they are I also put In the pan zucchini , but I didn't hollow them out it's to difficult ,but I choose small one's and place them between the others and I slice potatoes they taste so good.
I mix all the ingredients and fill the veggies using a tablespoon, not all the way cause the rice needs room to cook.

Then in a bowl I grate some tomatoes add about half a cup olive oil , salt and pepper about a cup of water and pour it over the the veggies , but first you should sprinkle salt and pepper on top of the veggies and the potatoes alone before putting them in the pan because they are sort of concealed. I have one of the bell peppers not covered so to see how much I fill them.
And I baked for over an hour and a half or so depending on your oven . I also place a piece of aluminum foil on top of it so the steam will go on top of the veggies and that way they will bake also on top It was yummy . I like this dish so much it can be also vegetarian you can increase the onions and parsley and use the inside of the eggplant a bit more rice etc. I normally don't use ground beef this time I did it's just as tasty without, some people put in raisins in the vegetarian way and it is yummy gives a nice twist ,but the men in my family don't like it . I should just make things for myself sometimes. let me know if anybody has made it before,tried it or has any questions. So long for now.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My new treasure

I just wanted to show off some fabric that I bought about a month ago there is an old man that has a fabric store here in marousi just one block from my Gallery and Frame store, I pop in there quite often, last time I paid a visit he had acquired tons of home decorator fabrics , he said they were stock from a home decor importer that was clearing there stock room for new stock he had tapestry's for sofas, curtains ..etc.. you got the idea .

MY eye caught this pretty thing I think I will make it a bed cover ,I plan on putting a trim around it , the width of it is the same as my bed. I was looking in my stash for a piece of fabric that would complement it ,but I got tired I know I have a nice blue somewhere I must find it to see ,if it is the right blue.

I also got some cute fabric that is quilting weight ,with teddy's,ice cream cones,and others which I will be posting soon.These fabrics sell for over 25 euros per meter I got it for only 5 I couldn't resist. I love this fabric what do you think? don't know the word that would describe the period or style,but if someone out there knows it would be nice to to hear from you !! regards to everyone.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well I'm finally back!!

Hello! Hello ! I am back after being away from the computer for nearly two months,due to a virus and due to that I don't know how to fix it ,so I had to wait for my son to find time to come in to the store a do the magic and walla it is working.

This is my first official post since it got fixed , the other day I posted a little mini post about a quilt along I plan on taking part in . I just couldn't resist and the button is so cute .

I what first of all to show off my new cutter and pad that Cyndi sent me from bluebird swing it was so incredibly nice of her this all happened over two months ago . I took part in a giveaway for an olfa cutter and she picked up on my comment.I had never had a cutter nor ever touched one until now, and it is hard to buy one due to the fact that there are NO QUILT SHOPS IN GREECE . I actually was seriously looking on the web to purchase one until Cyndi came to my rescue and offered to SEND me one can you believe that . She not only sent me a cutter she also sent me a large size pad what luck !! it's like winning the lotto I thank her dearly. she is so thoughtful she read about my love for doilies and she also sent me two pretty ones and a sweet note card,and I also sent her a thank you gift , which I hope she enjoys.

These are my tools in action ,I had fun cutting and sewing bits and pieces.

These are the goodies that Cyndi sent me !!!

I couldn't wait to use it , but due to my husband being ill ,he is diabetic and he hasn't been watching it or taking his medication properly , it has affected his eye sight ,so we have been going to various hospitals and doctors for treatment and laser and surgery and taking various medications and drops so now we have things under control and awaiting to see whats next .

Last night when we got home after closing shop and after I took care of hubby and sons serving there dinner , I went right to my studio in the corner of our living room and started cutting , I had seen on a blog a quilt with various shaped houses with trees and little hills , it was so pretty I felt inspired to make something similar with my scraps that I have piled up, it was so enjoyable that I couldn't stop ,but I had to in order to sleep . I woke up early in order to work some more before going to open shop I like to leave early in order to find a parking spot, as they say early bird gets the worm , take care , and best wishes to all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My first quilt along from Amy's creative side

I decided to partipate in a quilt along I have never done this before ,the good thing is that there is no pressure I can do it at my own pace. I like the squares I have never done this type of a quilt,a sampler quilt that is and it should be fun . I have plenty of scraps and to use up , I have'nt made very many various quilt blocks and I can't ever decide this will help me make a decision and to stop procrastinating I can't wait to start.