Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well I'm finally back!!

Hello! Hello ! I am back after being away from the computer for nearly two months,due to a virus and due to that I don't know how to fix it ,so I had to wait for my son to find time to come in to the store a do the magic and walla it is working.

This is my first official post since it got fixed , the other day I posted a little mini post about a quilt along I plan on taking part in . I just couldn't resist and the button is so cute .

I what first of all to show off my new cutter and pad that Cyndi sent me from bluebird swing it was so incredibly nice of her this all happened over two months ago . I took part in a giveaway for an olfa cutter and she picked up on my comment.I had never had a cutter nor ever touched one until now, and it is hard to buy one due to the fact that there are NO QUILT SHOPS IN GREECE . I actually was seriously looking on the web to purchase one until Cyndi came to my rescue and offered to SEND me one can you believe that . She not only sent me a cutter she also sent me a large size pad what luck !! it's like winning the lotto I thank her dearly. she is so thoughtful she read about my love for doilies and she also sent me two pretty ones and a sweet note card,and I also sent her a thank you gift , which I hope she enjoys.

These are my tools in action ,I had fun cutting and sewing bits and pieces.

These are the goodies that Cyndi sent me !!!

I couldn't wait to use it , but due to my husband being ill ,he is diabetic and he hasn't been watching it or taking his medication properly , it has affected his eye sight ,so we have been going to various hospitals and doctors for treatment and laser and surgery and taking various medications and drops so now we have things under control and awaiting to see whats next .

Last night when we got home after closing shop and after I took care of hubby and sons serving there dinner , I went right to my studio in the corner of our living room and started cutting , I had seen on a blog a quilt with various shaped houses with trees and little hills , it was so pretty I felt inspired to make something similar with my scraps that I have piled up, it was so enjoyable that I couldn't stop ,but I had to in order to sleep . I woke up early in order to work some more before going to open shop I like to leave early in order to find a parking spot, as they say early bird gets the worm , take care , and best wishes to all.


Cyndi said...

Yay, Theodora, I'm so happy to see that you got your computer fixed so now you can blog! How sweet of you to post the pics of your cutter and mat...I am so glad that you are enjoying them! And I LOVE my gifts you sen me. Everyone who sees that painting wants to take it! LOL!!!

Have fun cutting away, and I'll be chatting with you soon!



Laura said...

Good Morning!
I'm so glad that your computer is fixed and that you are up and running again! I can't believe that I have a friend who lives all the way over the ocean in Greece! I'm so excited that we will be "quilting" together...I plan to start my first two blocks today with some scraps I have. How lucky that you got all those wonderful gifts from Cyndi! God is so good to give us friends from all over. I look forward to seeing your latest projects...and I will pray for the health of your husband. My father also suffers with can be quite discouraging at times.
Have a blessed day!

Gerry said...

Happy to have you back blogging.