Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hello and I hope everybody is well ,I have been suffering from alergies lately since all is in bloom ,since we moved to Greece I have these conditions every spring ,so I take some medication and it really helps me. 
As far as quilting I completed a bunch of pot holders and I have put them in my shop for sale ,I have placed them in a cute little basket and put two in each little bag, I have ofcourse given out as Easter gifts to all of my friends that come in for a visit ,my shop is sort of a meeting place and coffee shop ,I love it when all friends stop by for a quick hello when out on the town.

As I was making the pot holders I happen to misjudge on how thick to make them on order for them to be used as potholders ,I used some fleece and I should of used two layers in order for them to be thick enough for it purpose, so I was playing around and I folded in the center and then the sides and thought wow this could be a little case for a camera or cell phone .  I sewed and button to hold it together and the little loop works perfect as a closure with the button and walla I have a new case for my camera ,how do you like it ??
On a slow day in the store I got some colored paper and started playing....
I cut them in three strips and sort of switched them around, what do you think of this ,I haven't actually put it to fabric yet ,but I think it is interesting .
Then I got going and cut long strips and cut them at an angle and then cut them in six squares do to the width if I made the strips wider then there would be more pieces  .......
With eny four pieces you choose you get this.
And adding more pieces you get this....
And adding more eny way you want you get something real funky looking.
Can you imagine using print fabrics and mixing them up ??
Then I took two rectagular pieces and cut in strips.
And put it together like so .
Then I did this.
And taking a square with an angle using two colors to signify the two colors of fabric I cut the corners and ....
I made this by switching the corners around I think it will make an interesting quilt when you make more and put them together.
Well that is what I have been doing very little since I have started packing ,we are moving to the apartment obove us to the 2nd floor ,I really dread the move ,but it will be warmer for us since there is no apartment underneath ,the apartment here are sort of on colums and they use them for parking and there is no insulation underneath us since it is open all around I know it's difficult to understand ,one day I will take a photo so you get the idea. 
I wish all of you a happy Easter our Greek Orthodox Easter is next Sunday  I remember that in the states they celebrate one week difference either before of after ,  I wish all of you well, and make something creative and pretty. xoxo Theodora