Sunday, May 2, 2010


  • I have a wonderfull friend by the name of Zacharoula , I just have had the urge to blog about her , she has been a friend and a customer for as long as I can remember, she is an artist ,mother and recently a grandmother and also a world traveler due to her husbands work ( shipping broker) so name a place I am pretty sure she has been there . She comes to my store at least twice a weak and we chat about world events , the greek economy , art, her grandson, or one of her most recent trips, ect.
    She is one of the sweetest people I know , she is not only pretty , she is very good hearted, I love her style she has many fashionable bags mainly louise vitton I very seldom have seen her carry the same bag twice. She drives a new BMW with leather interior. She used to have her studio on the next block right next to her husbands office but, moved both to her apartment , she moved to the northern suburbs. ,but she comes to town often her hairdresser is near here, so she pops in for a cup coffee and a chat . I sometimes find myself looking at the door or stepping out to see if she is comming , just when I am bored and looking for something to occupy myself charoula pops in, I call her charoula for short it means happinesss , how fitting , and when I see her I feel so happy she makes my day!!!! as you can see in the photo she is very stylish looking I took the photo of her , it is taken at the center of marousi . I recently made a quilt for her grandson and I made it with so much love and care it turned out beautifull I use it as my icon .


This is the quilting that I decided to do after I was done. HOW does my hand quilting look?
I finally decided to finish the bits and pieces I thought the size is good for a couple of pillows I put a white boarder on one of them and strips of pink and yellow one the second one. I picked a pink backing and made a overlap just because its the easiest and most practicall. for me I remeber when I was a little girl my mom always made pillows and for the sofas and she made the back the same way .

This is just the inside of the pillow. after that I decided to qult it but I forgot the photo. enywho

now this photo should have been placed before , just a minor detail.

below is the finished product this is the second one and I stiched the edge by hand after machine stiching , and I put some strips of pick and yellow I am quite happy with the result ,even more happier that I finished!!!!! and I am happy that I finally learned how to load more than one photo at a time and then blogg between the lines duh!! One of these I will learn how to load them in order I took these photos before my computer got the virus right now I am using my sons computer its a sunday morning, I am sure they won't be up for atleast another hour.

It looks a little puffy but it will flatten out soon when used.