Sunday, June 26, 2011


A big HELLO to all my friends ,first of all I must say I haven't been feeling so well ,could be the weather change along with the allergies that continue to bother me,but I really wanted to make a post today.

I was reading Cyndis blog one day she has deer in her back yard now that is so cool ,my mind went to a painting that I had found one day actually sticking out of a trash bin it is large so that is why I could see it . I of course took it and I cleaned it and put a frame on it ,it is so beautifully done it even has the signature of the artist I even looked it up in the Greek Artists Ecyclodedia and he was noted in it. I plan of taking it to our country home and hang it over the fireplace I noted in my comment to Cyndi that I would make a post about it so Cyndi here it is.

This lower right section could be a painting itself.
He is  starring right at us!

A friend of mine gave me an old curtain that she would like for me to make a little quilt for her so I decided to make it using a triangle template that I had made a while back.

I had a piece of hard plastic and measured and cut lines into it ,It makes 12 blocks each one 9.5 c.m. so I just cut the fabric along with a solid pink that I thought matched it fine and put them together and just drew with the pencil through the lines.

And then I sew 1/4 inch on both sides of the lines and cut on the lines I have plenty cut up now and will sew it up for her I will give it to her to quilt by hand it will be a throw size for her sofa ,now I have the triangle cut , really haven't decided how to put them together I shall play first before deciding.

And then of course I have made a batch of potholders and played a bit with a couple by adding a little triangle in the corner for a better grasp. That is what I have been up to and since I moved last month ,I am still putting up curtains and organizing I just do a little at a time I really don't want to tire my hands , I wish all of you a nice Sunday and make something pretty and creative. xoxo Theodora