Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hello to all my reader friends , I feel very embarrassed about my sporadic post, anyhow I have some photos of my projects ,above is a photo of my fat quarters that I had purchased on my trip to the states a couple of years back I washed and hung them out to dry and I loved how they look ,so I took a photo to share.  This is taken at my mom's house in Lamia.

This is a footstool that I made for my dear friend Zaharoula I made a cover for it and did some applique on the top.
This is me in my studio ,which doesn't look like this anymore .I will post a new photo soon .

Here I am in the process of changing it.
This is Vivianne Andersson a blogger from Sweden that found my blog and had by chance come to Athens for a Conference .  She came to my shop for a visit is was such a pleasant quilty visit .
This is my last years student Dora and her quilt , isn't it beautiful??
My last years students from left Liza,Dora,Elena with their quilt projects.

This a friends daughter which is a quilt admirer ,and with a patchwork bag that I had made that she loved and I gave it to her ,doesn't she look great with it.     Thank you for visiting and I will be back soon now that I got back on the horse . Wish all of you well and will try to make time to visit some bloggs  which I truly miss.  Theodora