Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello to all my friends , excuse me for bieng away from blogland for sometime now ,but I wasn't in a very good mood lately ,it might have been the social unrest ,the economy,the summer heat and another reason could be that my sewing machine had a problem all summer and that didn't put me in a very good mood since I couldn't sew ,but that didn't  stop me I did some hand stiching and I since started on a quilt that I have been commisioned to make for a friend which I will be sharing with you very soon .

I would like to share with you the first Arts and Crafts show that took place  just last weekend and obove is the ad.  It was held downtown Athens in a beautiful pink classical building .

There were booths set up with all sorts of hand crafted items for sale ,I visited some and I would like to share with you.

This booth belongs to a young lady by the name of Dimitra and she has a site called  which means rock, scissors, paper ,she makes all sorts of beautiful items that are so interesting, as you can see.
She makes beautiful bags and garments ,she also offers classes in her studio on costume jewelry,sewing classes with all sorts of materials.

Then I met another lady by the same name ,Dimitra and she makes some cool stuff ,to me she had the best little corner which I hung out for a while and we chatted about sewing projects. She has a blog it's and the word baloma in Greek means patch and she does alot of it in her work.

This is the only quilt I saw at Dimitras corner,and it was the only one in the  whole show LOL,that gives you an idea of how popular quilting is here.

She also had some awsome potholders made from vintage sticheries ,I bought the second one's from the first row.
Dimitra also had plenty of real pretty aprons ,she said that they are popular and that she makes them easily and quick since she has had plenty of practice.  She uses plenty of applique  on her aprons and  uses the fusible paper.


She also had plenty of bags many shapes and sizes.

I sure had fun looking over her items and I hope to see her again ,but unfortunaly she lives on the Island of Crete .

This is the Kangaroo craft booth and Mrs. Sofia which is in red has a shop downtown Athens and she has all the clover products and is the distributor for all of Greece ,she carries all sorts of yarns and tools , when  I spoke with her and she mentioned that they are getting ready to start quilting classes again this year, one day I will visit and make a post on her shop and  classes.

Some  costume  jewelry that I saw ,there was plenty of it and I just snapped some photos  to see.

The lady at this booth  had painted items like trays , boxes ,candles and  clothing ,she also sells the paints and teaches classes on the  technique that she learned in the united states.  ,she had a nice booth and enjoyed looking at her items. 

This is another booth with jewelry that I included for last.  I hope you liked this little tour ,I hope they keep having these type of events ,and maybe next year I might have a little booth that is if I can finish something .  I wish you all well and thank you for stopping by.