Sunday, May 2, 2010


  • I have a wonderfull friend by the name of Zacharoula , I just have had the urge to blog about her , she has been a friend and a customer for as long as I can remember, she is an artist ,mother and recently a grandmother and also a world traveler due to her husbands work ( shipping broker) so name a place I am pretty sure she has been there . She comes to my store at least twice a weak and we chat about world events , the greek economy , art, her grandson, or one of her most recent trips, ect.
    She is one of the sweetest people I know , she is not only pretty , she is very good hearted, I love her style she has many fashionable bags mainly louise vitton I very seldom have seen her carry the same bag twice. She drives a new BMW with leather interior. She used to have her studio on the next block right next to her husbands office but, moved both to her apartment , she moved to the northern suburbs. ,but she comes to town often her hairdresser is near here, so she pops in for a cup coffee and a chat . I sometimes find myself looking at the door or stepping out to see if she is comming , just when I am bored and looking for something to occupy myself charoula pops in, I call her charoula for short it means happinesss , how fitting , and when I see her I feel so happy she makes my day!!!! as you can see in the photo she is very stylish looking I took the photo of her , it is taken at the center of marousi . I recently made a quilt for her grandson and I made it with so much love and care it turned out beautifull I use it as my icon .


Cyndi said...

Zacharoula is indeed a very lovely woman. How wonderful that you have such a great friend...and I'm sure that she feels the same way about you, Theodora!



Gerry said...

You've written a very nice blog about your friend.
Your description of your friendship is warming.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

theodora said...

thank you cyndi and gerry , I feel lucky to have her close to me and I wish and believe that both of you ladies have a good friend nearby that you can see often.XOXO

Laura said...

Good Morning, Theodora!
Thank you so much for leaving the nice comment about my rocking horse on my was so sweet of you. I am sorry to hear that you have had an illness in the family...I pray that all will be well soon! It must be so much fun to have your own shop...I just love art and crafting.
Have a blessed day!