Tuesday, June 29, 2010

stuffed veggies

Hello everyone !! I had bought tons of veggies last Saturday from the farmers market , so as soon as I got home I rolled up my sleeves and started to make my favorite dish which is stuffed veggies . I chopped a small bunch of parsley,2 med.onions,about half a pound of ground beef and then I counted how many veggies I have to fill a Greek lady once told me you put in one level tbsp. of rice for each veggie so I counted and measured like a good girl and added my salt and pepper and stuck it in the fridge and then I washed the veggies I used ripe tomatoes,eggplant and bell peppers I put them in a big round pan and took it with me to the living room and hollowed them out while watching T.V.after hollowing out the tomatoes I put the insides of the tomatoes that I hallowed out in the processor and through it in the bowl with the other ingredients .And here they are I also put In the pan zucchini , but I didn't hollow them out it's to difficult ,but I choose small one's and place them between the others and I slice potatoes they taste so good.
I mix all the ingredients and fill the veggies using a tablespoon, not all the way cause the rice needs room to cook.

Then in a bowl I grate some tomatoes add about half a cup olive oil , salt and pepper about a cup of water and pour it over the the veggies , but first you should sprinkle salt and pepper on top of the veggies and the potatoes alone before putting them in the pan because they are sort of concealed. I have one of the bell peppers not covered so to see how much I fill them.
And I baked for over an hour and a half or so depending on your oven . I also place a piece of aluminum foil on top of it so the steam will go on top of the veggies and that way they will bake also on top It was yummy . I like this dish so much it can be also vegetarian you can increase the onions and parsley and use the inside of the eggplant a bit more rice etc. I normally don't use ground beef this time I did it's just as tasty without, some people put in raisins in the vegetarian way and it is yummy gives a nice twist ,but the men in my family don't like it . I should just make things for myself sometimes. let me know if anybody has made it before,tried it or has any questions. So long for now.


Cyndi said...

Oh my gosh, Theodora, that looks soooo good, it's making my mouth water! I often make stuffed peppers, but have never stuffed eggplant or tomatoes. I'm going to have to give that a try. We just harvested some eggplant from our garden, so perhaps that's what we'll do for supper tonight!

Thanks for the recipe.



Anonymous said...

Kalimera Theodora!Oh My Im so hui\ngry lol.This looks sooooooooo yummy.I love veggies and the greek way is toooooooooooo good.Thanks for joining my blog I just became a new follower to yours as well.

Happy saturday!