Monday, June 28, 2010

My new treasure

I just wanted to show off some fabric that I bought about a month ago there is an old man that has a fabric store here in marousi just one block from my Gallery and Frame store, I pop in there quite often, last time I paid a visit he had acquired tons of home decorator fabrics , he said they were stock from a home decor importer that was clearing there stock room for new stock he had tapestry's for sofas, curtains ..etc.. you got the idea .

MY eye caught this pretty thing I think I will make it a bed cover ,I plan on putting a trim around it , the width of it is the same as my bed. I was looking in my stash for a piece of fabric that would complement it ,but I got tired I know I have a nice blue somewhere I must find it to see ,if it is the right blue.

I also got some cute fabric that is quilting weight ,with teddy's,ice cream cones,and others which I will be posting soon.These fabrics sell for over 25 euros per meter I got it for only 5 I couldn't resist. I love this fabric what do you think? don't know the word that would describe the period or style,but if someone out there knows it would be nice to to hear from you !! regards to everyone.

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Cyndi said...

Hi Theodora! Your fabric is lovely and you got it at such a great price...I think it will make a beautiful bed cover! I believe it might be in what is known as the Baroque style. Not certain, but that's what it reminds me of.

Can't wait to see your other fabrics!