Wednesday, September 22, 2010


 Yea!! that's what I call it a capsule pillow , how does it look ?

I had two pieces of fabric  , and I put the two colors together and sewed lines 2 cm. and about 7-8 cm. apart at a tad apposite alternating angles, and then cut in between the seams  , and then cut down the middle .
And sewed them together  and this is what the result is ,it sort of looks like an accordion..

   I added a boarder and around them ,and added a larger piece to it and put it a zipper, I didn't really have a plan I saw the size and just whent with it ,but I did have a pillow in mind. I then had a tubular shape and decided to cut out two round pieces of  satin cream fabric which I have had for years , and sewed around the edges .

The circle that I had cut out was a tad large and cut it again,I also decided to line the  inside with the same fabric that I made the circles on the sides . I was working on this project for 5 day's a little at a time and I just love finishing a project ,don't you  ?? I have it now on my sofa and it looks nice with the other little pillows I got ,
  One of these days I will take a photo of all of them together ,I just love the mixture of different shapes, colors,and sizes.

The reason I love to make cushions and pillows is that with small amount of fabric ,with different combinations from my scraps you can make something that doesn't take to long to make ,and it's something that the whole family can enjoy while sitting on the sofa, I wish all of you Happy Sewing !!!


Catswhiskers said...

it looks every so comfy!

Anonymous said...

Kalispera Theodora!Comfy it is, nice.

Maria said...

Hello Theodora. I saw your blog on someones side bar and thought I'd visit as my second name is Theodora.
I have enjoyed reading your posts. You have made some beautiful bright quiltsLove the applique quilt. What a great flea market.
Please pop over for a visit

sunny said...

That turned out fantastic! Please do show us all your pillows together!

Sammy said...

I like it.


-Samya ;-)

Oops-Lah said...

Very nice pillow. I'm not sure if I understand the process completely. But the result is stunning!

Nifty Quilts said...

I love your free-form stripes. They remind me of twigs or trees in the forest. Lovely pillow!

Cyndi said...

I love that pillow, Theodora! And I love how you just "winged" it! I like doing things like that, too. And I also love to make pillows. It's amazing how something so small and seemingly insignificant can really add pizazz to a room!



everythingquilts said...

I just stopped by your blog for the first time via Quilting Bloggers. I enjoyed reading it and the pillow is very nice. I loved your process for making it.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Thanks for stopping by! This is a really neat method that you used for making this pillow. It reminds me of a Zebra. I can really imagine it done up bigger children's quilt.