Saturday, September 18, 2010


I had time last Sunday to try out the free motion quilting , I was so nervous as you can see I did some flowers I had seen them somewhere and decided to do some ,I think they aren't so bad for the first time ,the gloves that I was using didn't give me a very good grip ,so I got creative I wound masking tape around my fingers and that helped I recommend to put it on every other finger I got my fingers stuck together,
I also did some mopping motion which is easy for me cause I'm always mopping my marble floors so it's a natural for me ,I think I should of started with something easier ,but these came to mind at the time I have some  designs noted down from Christina's blog and I will be doing those this Sunday I am also going to get some rubber gloves and try that out easier than taping my fingers even though it went OK. ,but it is a hassle.

This photo is the back from a certain distance it looks good.

I also did some stippling ,but as you can see I'm not up to it yet ,the machine goes fast and you just have to be ready to move the quilt pad fast so I just wasn't  very decisive on the direction, I started with the U shape like the video I saw on Christina's blog ,but then I couldn't keep up with the machine and this is the result, I believer with practice It will get better ,this Sunday I will go at it again .  So happy quilting ,crafting and sewing,



wackywoman said...

Free motion quilting just makes one happy. Good job! Go forth and quilt happy.

sunny said...

I think you did a great job. I've only tried stippling a few times, and it's hard work. I need to stipple a Turning Twenty this month to complete one of my CGQC goals. I've never tried to do any designs. I'll have to sit down and practice sometime!

Sherry Hogan said...

That looks great. I'm just not getting the smoothness that I would like, I did better on the practice pad than I'm doing on the practice quilt.

Nifty Quilts said...

Hi Theodora,

Your first attempts look better than mine! You will get this with practice. Do what you can to slow down your machine. That will help. I gave up on gloves, and now I use a small drop of hand cream by Neutrogena. It is called Norwegian Formula or Fisherman's Formula. Any heavy duty hand cream will work, but you want to make sure it's not greasy so it won't stain your fabric.

Littlebit said...

Just happened by your blog. Your post brought back recent memories of when I got my first taste of free-motion quilting. Oh, at the muslin and scrap batting I went through practicing! I'm sure I practiced dozens of hours before attempting my first little table runner. Hang in there. It is so much fun and so satisfying.

Micki said...

I think you did a good job. Just relax more and you will enjoy it more and more each time you do it.

Sammy said...

That looks good, may be I should try it.
do you do it with your ordinary sewing machine, or you need a sewing machine especially for quilting?

Valentina said...

I would so like to try to learn to do it well. But like everything: practice-practice-practice, and for that I need more time. But Theodora, congratulations! Your attempts look very encouraging!

Anonymous said...

After many years of quilting & sewing, I have finally forced myself to learn this free motion quilting. It will take some time to get fluidity but I'm determined to master it. Best of luck to you as you venture into free quilting. Hugs. Tammy