Sunday, October 3, 2010


I was just in AHH!! with delight when I received a lovely package  from Cyndi( her blog is called bluebirdswing her button is on the right )with some lovely luscious items inside,at first when I opened the package I noticed and orange with white daisy fabric , it turned out to be a lovely bag,I remember the bag on one of Cyndi's post and I recognized  it right away .  I admired the bag in my comment and Cyndi made one for me how special and kind is that?  she also made a key holder how sweet ,she is a true Angle I will cherish it forever and save it for special occasions.  Cyndi's bags are a piece of art, so perfectly crafted that is why I placed it in classic frame such one would do for a piece of art , thank you Cyndi!!

A real piece of art !!

Cyndi didn't stop there she had a post on a giveaway saying that she had allot of fabrics leftover from projects ,she stated that she had enough for three people ,there were already three in the comment box I think I was the fourth or fifth maybe I don't remember I meekly made a comment like as to I am always late ,but you are so kind , She then made another post saying that she had so many fabrics she could give away to more people ,  And how kind and generous she is  I read her post how she won a go cutter ,she knew a lady that was ill and didn't have the energy to quilt and how the go cutter would help her and save her energy , she had it sent to her now how thoughtful is that . Cyndi is a very special person and I feel blessed to have met her.

LOOK at the luscious and lovely fabrics ,what  lovely colors now I have some fabrics like the one's  I see other quilters  using in quilts some I recognize ,they are from famous designer's . I will  look at them  and fondle them for a while ,of course thinking of what quilt design to make .  She also sent me an array of patterns, quilt patterns,wallets , a pouch and also a really pretty applique pattern. I am thinking of using some of the fabrics to make the quilt in the photo the upper left ,it is so pretty it will be perfect with the fabrics .I will of course send a little something special for Cyndi ,but nothing I send will equal the goodies I got , My deepest thanks to Cyndi ,I send her my blessings and best wishes to her and hubby.


Maria said...

OH Theodora what a wonderful parcel FULL of so many lovely goodies.
Yes Cyndi is indeed a veru thoughtful lady.

Micki said...

Such a wonderful parcel and enjoy it all!

wackywoman said...

Wow, what a wonderful parcel. Enjoy.

Linda said...

Cyndi is a great gal...and you got a wonderful prize!

Oops-Lah said...

Congratulations on winnings! Lucky you! I've just started a little baby quilt for your friend's charity. I'll contact you shortly about where to send it. Have a good day. Love Vreni x

Beach Vintage said...

Enjoy all this wonderful fabric and the like. How fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little tote and the fabric... wow. We never shrug off free fabric now do we? Truly generous lady!! Enjoying your blog and thank you for having me. Hugs. Tammy

Sammy said...

Hi Theodora,
Enjoy, I love the bag and the fabric. Most of all I love Cyndi , she is a very special lady.
Theodora, my friend, I always enjoy your blog.
Take care,


-Samya :-)