Friday, October 29, 2010


I woke up early on Sunday I was really anxious to go to the flea market downtown, I got on the metro train and was on my way.

As I was changing lines I came upon a set of tiles and I thought that is a nice pattern for a quilt ,what do you think ?

There were loads of people and most were tourists,there was a group of students from the U.K. and on the other side a group of scouts.

As I had to change a second time at Sindagma square I took some photos of the Ancient ruins that were excavated during the construction of the new metro line .
I reached Monastiraki and I stepped out and this is the sight to my right ,you can see the Acropolis at the top.
I walked the narrow streets and saw antiques of all kinds.
This little tin caught my eye ,but the lady said 20.00 euro I passed of course.
I thought this was interesting a grape leave roller ,I took a little video to share ,but it was taking to long to upload ,but I think you get the idea,I also thought who would get one of these.
Many stands of old books and mag.
On the other side of the section with narrow, winding  sidewalks with shops and antique stands ,I have a better view of the Acropolis.
I walk down this long wide sidewalk to the flee market which I go to.
As I walk I pass by some ruins.
As you can see there are many fabrics ,but they are mostly knit and not preferable for quilting , once in the past I did find some pretty cotton prints ,the Gypsies sell all the fabric for 1 euro per meter , not bad if you can find something nice .
I did get some blue thread from them for 50 cents .
This Gypsy had some nice duvet covers with matching pillows ,large single size for only 3 euros, so I got two of them ,the cotton is so thick and crisp I just couldn't resist.
This pile had tons of lace ,as you can see I got some ribbon with squirrels on it and some real pretty red and white flowers for only 3 euros. and at another pile I found some real pretty vintage floral prints for only 7 euros. some large and others various sizes,but I was so busy searching in the pile I didn't take a photo.
I left and went back the same way ,but this time went through Visinias square where they have tons of furniture and many other Antiques.
Outside the Monastiraki station ,I saw a stand roasting corn and chestnuts..
And a fruit stand.
And the kiosk next to the Bread rings stand .
To my surprise I ran in to a friend that has a craft store in Marousi ,she went down for a class on felting ,but it was the wrong Sunday,so she also walked around  Monastiraki .I showed her what I got ,and then she showed me the grape leaf roller that she bought and I quickly showed her the little video I took and we laughed, so I snapped a photo of her while in the train,we laughed so hard we missed the station where we should have gotten off,and we laughed again and returned to the proper station to make the change.
I took these photos as soon as I got home ,aren't they pretty?
This reminds me of my Aunts sofa covers when I was a little girl .
I also got this little milk glass bowl, I actually had one just like it ,but it broke so I thought one day I will find another one, and I did for only 3 euros, notice the squirrel  ribbon there are many meters of it ,but the flowers one was only a short strand.
These are the duvet covers ,I was really happy to find them the cotton is so nice and thick, I was thinking I could applique some flowers on them.
On my way home I passed by a bakery and saw these birds feasting on a loaf of bread ,there are so many of them you can hardly see the bread , I thought it was cute and I must share.   I would like to thank all of my sweet friends for stopping by and visiting me , I truly enjoy all of your sweet comments ,I have been so busy in the store making frames lately I don't have any time to respond, and when I have a moment I get interrupted and I forget what I was doing and I might have sent a response to some of you twice , I hope you all understand .I am still working on the charity quilts I have finished 2 and have a third to go ,would also like to thank Vreni and Valentina for there participation in the quilts for the  Thessaloniki orphanage , my friend Kristina is coming to Athens and she will also be  visiting  Valentina in Cyprus I wish I could also go ,but it is impossible , I wish all of you happy quilting and crafting.


kheli said...

Yes, the tiles would make a lovely quilt design. And how I wish I could be there to stroll through that market. Thank you for sharing!

Maria said...

Hi Theodora, looks like you had a great time at the flea market.
Yes the tiles would make a great quilt.

Nifty Quilts said...

Hi Theodora, Thank you for this lovely tour! You have started my day with a smile. I hope I can visit and go to the flee market with you someday! (No need to respond.)

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Wow! I can't imagine getting to go to a flea market in Greece...with the Acropolis as a backdrop! How cool is that?! Can I come and live with you??? LOL! It's warm right??
I really like the squirrel ribbon!
I'll be sure to post the pictures of my desk when it's done...I'm pretty sure I'll stain it..Thanks!

Anonymous said...

THis is one of those, I've died and gone to heaven post! Love the lace table and those fabrics... oh my. Hugs. Tammy

Joan said...


I returned from your lovely country... I hope you are well

sunny said...

Oh Theodora, thank you for taking us along with you on this visit. I would have been in heaven with the linens and the laces and threads..... And the Acropolis in the background, too. Enjoy working with your wonderful treasures!

wackywoman said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post Theodora. I felt like I was there again. You live in a gorgeous place.

The little book of Nessie said...

What a lovely post! I enjoyed the trip to the flea market and seeing a little of your country Regards, Nessie

Jenny said...

What a great little trip! I too felt like I was back in Athens. What i would give for a gyro with extra tzatziki! :) You find the neatest treasures!

Feather on a Wire said...

Yassou Theodora, thanks for visiting my blog. I've really enjoyed touring yours.
I wish I had time to make you a quilt for the orphanage before Christmas.
I love Monesteiraiki, heaven for lace and bits and pieces. I haven't been since I can get direct flights to the islands.