Saturday, April 3, 2010

My new needle case

Hello I finally got to post something I have been very busy ,my schedule is full its impossible to get some sewing done. My day in the store keeps me busy with waiting on customers helping them choose the proper frame for there item that they bring in , it could be photos,paintings that they have made ,here in greece everybody is an artist or they think they are lol ofcourse they ask me how I see there painting and and I ofcourse say nice things because I want to finish helping them picking out the frame and go on to other things like checking to see if I have the frame in stock or noting it down to be ordered from our suppliers,ofcourse my husband likes to make comments on the art work like hear it needs to be a darker shade to make the vase look rounder not flat ,or the trees should have more than one shade of green a deeper green in the backgound and gradually lighter in the front where the light hits it, and I just sit paitiently and I ofcourse I let my mind wonder I mostly think about the quilts I need to finish or what color combinations to make my next quilt and what block design and then someone says something to me and I don't know what to say because I was elsewhere. but enyway Now I must showmynew project the needle case its actually supposed to be here not up obove so I'll just leave it for now .
How the idea came about I had this old pincushion that I have had for as long as I can remember, and it started to fall apart so I decided to take it apart and when I opened it it had saw dust in it and it was full of needles that have fallen in about 30 of them so I decided to make a case just for my sewing needles and I got some real pretty piece of floral fabric and lined it with a light colored fabric and cut a piece of fleece fabric that I had and folded it and sewed it right sides together and turned it insideout and sewed it in the center and then I cut a piece and make a pocket for storing thread and then left one side open to store a small scissors in it. The result was so cute I cut out four more one for cyndi at bluebirdswing which I have'nt learned how to put in links but, she is a follower so you can find her just look for the bird. last week I read her blog and she had posted about a olfa give away so I was able to also post it on my blog somehow it had a share link on the blogs post and I managed to do it ,to my surprize and I commented in order to take part in the give away because I don't have one believe it or not.
I get started and I forget to start a new paragragh , enway cyndi saw my post, and my comment that I don't have a olfa cutter and she sent me an e-mail and she actually offered to get one for me I could't believe my luck ,I still can't , she is such a sweet soul ,that's what is so great about blogging you have the luck of finding people that are so wonderfull and generous, I was worried about how to send her the payment and she replied that not to worry to just send something from my country, so this is my first swap ever and what a swap just what I need I will send her something that she will hang on her wall and she will always look at it and remember our swap, and I will remember our swap whenever I cut fabric and that will be on a daily basis nowing myself I forgot to mention that she will also send me a mat, I have a plexi glass rulers I use them to cut glass for frames that I make So I am all set , I have been cutting the oldfashioned way with scissors I would mark all the fabric and then sit down and cut while watching t.v. now I wil place my patterns that I make out of left over matting which I have plenty of , mark them and then with the ruler cut strips and then cut smaller according to the shape and size of my block patterns. THANK YOU CYNDI It is really hard when one lives in a country with no quilt shopps I think about openning a small section in my store but, I am afraid I wouldn't have eny customers women don't quilt here, they don't even know what it is I oftet bring in a quilt and hand quilt when I don't have eny frame work to be done and they look at it and say wow that is alot of work and ask how I do it then I start to show and explain and they reply I could never do enything like that. I have a few that show interest ,but here its still unknown to most womem, maybe in the future it will be better known for now I feel like a lone quilter here but, still happy to be blogging about it, regards to all I got to go quilt.I forgot to mention that Cyndi makes some awsome bags and wallets out of real pretty fabrics . I could never do enything like that but, looking at them on her blog gives me insperation to give it a try one of these days.


theodora said...

Ok so now I have a pop up window I din't now that,after searching I found and clicked it in order to have a pop up window. thanks again cyndi.

Cyndi said...

Yea, Theodora, you did it! Now I can leave you comments on your blog! That needle case is so cute, and I am looking forward to getting mine. You are so sweet! I can't wait for you to get your rotary cutter and mat...there will be no stopping you, girl! And you will love how much faster and easier it is to cut out your strips.

Have a great weekend, and I'll be chatting with you soon!