Saturday, March 13, 2010

lady Georgia needlepoint

This is an unusuall needlepoint I would like to share with you it is, quite old I got it as a gift from my mother in law her name is georgia, she did alot of needlepoint ,crochet and many other embroidery I thought this would catch someones eye I think it is so pretty I call it lady Georgia . I hope you all like it , only the tip of her shoe is missing it must of been sewn and then ripped out causing the tip of the shoe to be damaged ,I added a border around it to protect it . Hope you ladys like it.


sweetjeanette said...

I love it! I was thinking after reading about the shoe tip that ya don't even notice it's missing. It looks intentional. Thanks for visiting, commenting and taking my button! I hope you'll be a regular visitor! I'm thrilled to have you!

jeanette from

The Scrappy Bee said...

I really like this. It look like it would be the fashion when your mother-in-law was a young woman. It is certainly a treasure. Thanks for visiting me. I am glad you joined.