Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 Well  Hello !!  I am star struck these days.  it's been a long time ,but I have been busy with various things.  I haven't had enough time to post ,but today I thought I've got to post something because if I wait to long I will have to many things to show ,so a little at a time.
 I have been working on some stars ..cutting and cutting and sewing and again cutting and some ironing in between. I keep pulling out more and more solids for a mix of pretty points that go around the center blocks which are some playful country scenes .

 And the second part of the title quilt happy  is because of this quilt that I had taken photos  while making and my son's used my camera and uploaded all of my photos on there computer ,I am just not going to bother to retrieve them on too new stuff I quilted this by hand using high loft you ask why? because it was free .. you see a friend of mine down the street which owns a clothing store, had bought it to use as snow for her window display , which she never did so she gave it to me... a big roll of it ,so lucky me .

 The pink rose is from a house coat that I cut up and used ,I love it in the corners , I just love to reuse fabric, I sometimes stare at the shirts that men wear walking passed my shop when I see pretty bright  colors , I really got to stop it though,it is a bad habit.
 I had taken a course in batik and we also did some stamping with leaves and I found this little scrap and stuck it in.

 This top I had made last year and finally got it quilted again by hand I used cotton batting.
And now I am quilting this little one with high loft batting ,as also the first one ,I am not really trying to make the stitches close together as long as they are evenly spaced . Well my friends I am going to do some quilting now,have a nice day and happy crafting and quilting.


Sheila said...

Such fun happy quilts , it must be difficult to hand quilt with the high loft but it sure looks wonderful and puffy. Great work Theodora .

Cyndi said...

Hi Theodora! All of your quilts are so bright and cheerful....and fun! They make me smile. And I had to laugh about you eyeing all the men's shirts as they walk past...I can just imagine you running after them and asking them if they'd mind giving them to you once they are finished with them! :o) But it is a great way to recycle, eh?

Hope you're doing well...I'll write soon!



Maria said...

Hi Theodora,
Love your bright happy quilts. Great work.

wackywoman said...

I love each and every one Theodora. So bright and cheerful!

Nifty Quilts said...

My goodness, you've been busy! It's great to see that you're making happy quilts. We read about the difficulties in Greece and hope they're not affecting you too much.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

These are indeed Happy Quilts!!! Beautiful!

Val said...

Good morning Theodora, I love scrappy quilts and these of yours are really satisfyingly happy quilts :0)
I wonder who will snuggle down under them? I am not very good at hand quilting, all my efforts are "long stitches" but I like to call it "Pioneer Quilting" I figured that on the back of a covered wagon a woman would HAVE to do long stitches! So that is my excuse too :0)
Have a wonderful weekend,
Val xx Berkshire UK

Lynda said...

I can't even imagine quilting on high loft. Your quilts are so happy. Love the way you use found things in your quilts too.

My Viking is a regular sewing machine not a quilting machine. I wish I had one tho. My friend and I often say if we were 20 years younger we would buy a quilting machine so we didn't have to pay someone else to machine quilt our quilts!