Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello to all and wish you a nice sunny Sunday , one day I had been reading LeeAnn's blog Nifty Quilts  she expressed her need of some vintage fabrics for a quilt that she wished to make ,and since we had corresponded previously about a fabric swap I thought about the bag of vintage fabrics that I had scored on e-bay over 8 years ago and had put aside for a vintage quilt one of theses days ,which I haven't gotten around to starting and there were plenty of each pattern leftover for myself ,so I picked out some and sent them to her  and just last week I go these wonderful goodies from LeeAnn . They are so pretty and colorful just what I like , thank you LeeAnn. 
And another day a while back I was visiting sheila at  Sheila's quilt world and she had made fabric post cards and had left a comment that I really am not to familiar with them and that I hadn't seen one,  and Sheila wrote to me and told me she was going to make one and send it ..... and here it is . 
 I wrote to Sheila and told her how beautiful it is the stitched tulips are so pretty thank you so much Sheila  .    I have it placed above an old photo of myself and my siblings at the beach it looks so pretty there and I look over and glance at it while at the computer which is right next to that wall .  It is amazing how generous quilters are , but I haven't sent Sheila anything back yet  ,I don't have the proper materials for a postcard Sheila had told me the name ,but I can't remember it now.   I might make something else,but I now like postcards and plan on finding the material so I can make in the future and maybe trade also.  I know it isn't Sunday ,but I started the post on Sunday and was to lazy to change it hahaha !!!! ,but I wish you all a wonderful quilty crafty day. 


Maria said...

You received some beautiful fabrics in the swap.
Yes sheila makes really prettty postcard. Love your tulips Theodora.

Nifty Quilts said...

It was fun choosing fabrics for you, Theodora! That is a beautiful postcard. Don't you just love this sweet community of quilters all over the world!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

What sweet gifts you received !! It really is wonderful to be apart of this amazing world of blogging & to be able to make so many friendships with people from all over the world. Lovely, Theodora , I am so happy for you!

Judy said...

What neat gifts! I've been reading Sheila's blog, and she's just a generous, giving person. Isn't the creative blogging world a great place?? Enjoy your lovely postcard.
Hello from Idaho,

Sheila said...

So happy you love the postcard Theodora and it does look lovely on the shelf . I was more than happy to make it for you :-) hugs Sheila