Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last Sunday when I first got up  I had this urge  to go to the flea market  I was actually contemplating all week even all month ,.so I took the metro train downtown ,it took forever due to the fact that they are doing some work on the tracks so there were a couple of stops and then taking the bus part of the way ,but I was desperate to get out I hadn't been down there for ages well not ages to be specific about 7 months .

I love the way this photo came out with the graffiti in the back.


  I like to look for things that I can use such as
doilies,vintage hanky's,vintage needlepoint  and of course fabric .  I  liked  the sewing machine it is so pretty it has a nice cabinet ,but I checked it and it didn't have all the parts I have spoken to the singer fellow near me and he advised me to look and make sure the parts are there and if  you turn the wheel that where the bobbin fits in also moves which of course makes sense, but I need a good a working one to have in the store so I can also work while there.

I found some trims and various buttons and ribbons,buckles so I got them for only 2 euros and put them in my sewing box which I had purchased on a previous trip after I had gotten home.  I just couldn't get the photos in the order that I wanted them I kept switching I finally gave up and left it at that.

As I walked the narrow streets I happen to see two lady's standing and looking at the schedule for  Athens city tour bus .they had been volunteering as English teachers in Crete for a month and that they said it was a wonder full experience and now they are touring Athens ,just then the bus came and they hopped on and off they went.
As I was roaming around I saw this book in a trash bin I quickly took it out and put in my bag and was saddened that someone had thrown out an old book just because it had fallen apart it can easily be fixed , even though I can't read German I think someone out there would be happy to have it , when I got home I put the pages in order and not a page was missing one day I will fix it with a little paper glue I love old books just the thought of the people that must have held it and read it through the years makes me think  and ponder.

 There is the red bus with the ladys from the states I wish the bus didn't come by so quickly so I could chat with them longer they were so nice.   Well that was my trip I was glad it wasn't so hot. And I certainly hope I get my act together this post is not what I had planned next time I will do better I will go again.


Beach Vintage said...

I am afraid our flea markets in Australia look embarrassing compared to these. how wonderful! Thanks for all your well wishes for my new shop. xx

Cyndi said...

Oh my gosh, Theodora, I found your new blog! I have been wondering why I had not been seeing any new blog posts on my blog list...I have been missing so much! When did you change your blog over?

Anyway, here I am and I sure wish I had been there to go with you to the Flea Market. What a great time! Too bad that little Singer Featherweight machine didn't have all the parts...those are great machines and sell for BIG $$$$ over here in the States!

I re-followed you, so I hope that works to keep me updated on your posts!



Sammy said...

Thank you Theodora for stopping by and your lovely comment. I really wish I was in your flea market, it looks very interesting.


Catswhiskers said...

my word! this flea market look fabulous... we don't have anything as good as this one. Wish I was there with you
Thanks for sharing the experience

sunny said...

I loved seeing all the treasures, and thinking of all the possibilities..... Glad you had a fun day!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Wow! A Greek flea market gives a whole new meaning to VINTAGE!
How fun!

Micki said...

I wish that I had been at the market with you. Wonderful finds!

Gisele said...

Wow, what an amazing flea market Theodora, wish I was there with you!

ria vogelzang said...

Hi Theodora, thanks for visiting! Love your blog with all those gorgeous pictures! I just love flea markets..... :))
Enjoy your day!