Sunday, December 11, 2011


I was looking at blogs last week and came upon Angies blog  and she had a real interesting post on ways to use the trimmings . So I thought it was an awesome way to put all those little pieces to use.
What I did was gather all the little tiny pieces and  sandwiched in a piece of what we call it here Tull I can't seem to remember the English word for it,but you can use organza let's say ,anyway I just ran some stitches through it .  I love the way it looks at first I didn't know how to implement it in a project . Then I thought I could shape it into any shape I want ,so I made a heart and snipped the edges around it , tied them and added little ribbons ,added a little applique heart in the center and walla.   Now it can be put used as a decoration on a bag,pillow,tee shirt, even a wall hanging adding blocks around it I am sure you creative gals can come up zillions of ideas. 
I finished the binding on the spider web quilt and now I am quilting a quilt for a friends grandson while in the store . I hope you all save your little trimmings and use them in any creative way you wish and share it with me ,wish you all a nice Sunday I am on my way to the flee market today so I'll have some photos to share with you.


Maria said...

Great ideas with the scraps.
Your quilt is looking good to

Sheila said...

Fun idea for those tiny scraps and your quilt is just lovely !

wackywoman said...

That is art my friend. Wonderful!


Nifty Quilts said...

This is a lovely project! Now I'll have to go through my trash can and save everything. AHH! Isn't it funny how we get scraps from quilts, then scraps from the scrap quilts, then even the slivers are useful. Thank you for the great idea!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love this idea & how it came out! So pretty! Plus I am all about using everything!!

Teje said...

Hello Theodora! Your new project is wonderful! If you like to see more ideas to use those tiny stripes, visit (in my bloglist, too). Christie has made some great art 'views' and has a link to one special artist for that method.
Your quilt is beautiful!
Merry Christmas and Happy (and better) New Year! xxx Teje

The Log Cabin said...

That's a clever idea, I like your heart. The quilt looks lovely.

Lots of love,
Emma xxx xxx

Zehra said...

Merry Christmas:)