Sunday, May 15, 2011


                            That is right Hello ! to all I have been away for a while ,I had plenty to do first of all I went to a Bonham's Greek Sale Exhibition to view the paintings on an upcoming sale which takes place in England ,but they start here in Athens ,I have been a regular at these events since we have been dealers and collectors for years.

This is the Catalog.
And this my dear friend Haroula and I sipping away Cheers !! to all ,we had a nice time, we also meet up with other artists and art collectors that we have known since we began collecting art.
And this is my art pieces that I have been doing ,how do you like them ?? I thought it would be fun to photograph them like they are pieces of art.

I felt guilty about a quilt project that I started years ago ,and so I picked it up while in the store ,but since I have started having symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome cts I put it away for a while ,the cts that I suffer from is not only from stitching by hand it's also from the frame work that I have been doing now for the last 17 years, I have had it for about a year and I am going to have some tests done to see what is causing it other than the use of my hands.

And the most difficult task was that we moved to the upper floor in the building, it was done all in one day luckily I had some strong male relatives stop by and we moved everything up in one day . I was so tired by the end of the day my knees ached. I even went down and cleaned the apartment around midnight, in the middle of the moving I managed to sneak in a photo of my sewing area .
And oh!! that rocking chair it is almost done I just have the bottom part to do , I have it in the middle of the store now and customers ask about it and I of course tell them the whole story of stripping and what color I will use ,it will most likely be a light creamy peach color I haven't really decided yet ,but I am open to suggestions.
I wish all of you a nice Sunday ,and to have the energy ,patience and inspiration to make something pretty. xoxo Theodora


Maria said...

Nice to read your blog again Theodora.Wow you have been busy.
Love your Rocking Chair and I would not paint it just put a nice varnish on it.

Sheila said...

Hi Theodora , so nice to see you post again, you have been very busy . I think your crazy quilt blocks are wonderful and worth being photographed as art .The rocking chair is really coming along beautifully ,can't wait to see it finished .Enjoy your day .Sheila

Judith said...

I know what it is like I have been away to England for quite a few weeks and when you come back you have loads of other things to do. Pleased that your move went ok. I have had cts in both wrists and have had a operation on both, not at the same time I might add.

wackywoman said...

Hello Theodora. Missed your blogs; but, at the same time happy to hear you have been busy. The art show looked like fun. I love those blocks. Enjoy your creating. I plan on sewing all day today. All Day!

Quiet Quilter said...

Miss you when you are the "art-e" pictures. Your new space looks bright and ready for sewing...almost.

Cyndi said...

Hi Dear One! It looks like you and Haroula had a great time at the Art Exhibition...did you buy any pieces? And I love your crazy blocks and the way you photographed them...they are art, after all!

I'm happy that your move went well and hope that you are getting settled into your new apartment. Your sewing space looks great...lots of nice light from that large door/wiindow! And whichever color you choose to paint your rocker, it's going to look awesome!



Nifty Quilts said...

Hello Theodora! I always love to see what you are doing. I hope you recover from your cts very soon.

Val said...

Hello, hello! It is so nice to visit you again ... to see what you have been up to .... and read your news :0)
I love your "art work" and am glad you DID photograph them in that way .... because that is truly what they ARE!
I did some of these a few months ago and backed them with fleece, they make a very interesting blanket, I see something different every time I look a it!
I am moving too this weekend, it can be quite traumatic event, I will be glad when next Monday arrives!
love to you
Valerie xx

kristine said...

i loooove the new fabric pieces!! are you paper piecing or just crazy quilting???? you look so official with your glass of wine in your hand with your friend:) hahahaha. time for you to make a visit here!!! let's talk.

Teje said...

Hi Theodora! Your blocks are piece of art! In that way I could make also hexacons! Exhibition must have been wonderful!
Your chair is going to be lovely!
Busy here too, like moving for the summer time!
xxx Teje