Saturday, March 13, 2010

lady Georgia needlepoint

This is an unusuall needlepoint I would like to share with you it is, quite old I got it as a gift from my mother in law her name is georgia, she did alot of needlepoint ,crochet and many other embroidery I thought this would catch someones eye I think it is so pretty I call it lady Georgia . I hope you all like it , only the tip of her shoe is missing it must of been sewn and then ripped out causing the tip of the shoe to be damaged ,I added a border around it to protect it . Hope you ladys like it.


What to do ,what to do? I have so much going on I don't know where to begin . First of all I have the bits  and pieces I have started and I worked on them all afternoon yesterday and here is the photo sideways  oh !!well soon I will tame them.!!!.


Monday, March 8, 2010

last nights bits and pieces

Last night it was a windy,rainy, dreary night ,so I decided to work on what else ,quilting, after finishing my housework of course, I have been working on some colorfull blocks to be made into small childs or baby quilts , I keep collecting small pieces of fabric left at the end of the strip that I sew on to the block, so I decided to sew them up bit by bit and this is what I got . its not done yet , I have to figure out how to put them together. I will work on them again tonight after computer class. I just can't get myself to waste eny fabric whatsoever oh well! , but then who can wast good fabric ,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the crazy blocks

This is it! or I should say these are it , actually some of them I don't know how many I've done I have this thing about doing mass sums of blocks , I will count them when I get around to connecting them ,I used all kinds of fabric even synthetics ooh! I have a lady which is a seamtress , she has a store just down the road she gave me her scraps and I always try to use as many as I can as I have said before,

today is cold ,as nice as it was yesterday today is dreary , overcast and cold it might even rain . I must go off now to cook some soup maybe lentil sounds good for a day like today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The needlepoint patchwork cushion

hello today is a nice sunny day , I worked on a needlepoint /patchwork/cushion I don't know what to call them, I played around with the colors of fabrics that complement the piece just very simple log cabin strips , pinkish with a biege ribbon and a kinda burgundy shiney fabric that I had in my stash , I have a large stash of bit and pieces of fabric all of my friends and costumers know that I quilt so they bring me all of there scraps, I use them every way I can. this is the result of playing around and testing various colors, I am not very bold in choosing I like things to be cordinating at all times, recently I have been visiting tons , I means tons of blogs ,sites and I really got inspired by the beautifull and creative things that people make , I say people because I fond out that not only women quilt. I should know that ,and shouldn't have been surprised for back when not so many people were quilting ,I mean very few ,in the very early eighties specifically in 1982 I was pregnat with my first son I wanted to make a quilt for my baby I didn't want a store bought one, I visited a singer store to look into buying a sewing machine since I always sewed as a girl at home and I left the sewing machine at home with my mom, as I was looking around a gentleman asked me if I needed eny help, and on the table I noticed a mat and a rotary cutter which I had never seen before and he showed me how it works with some small pieces of fabric he had on hand and he showed me a folder with photos of all his quilts and he explained to me that they are from shows that he takes place in and the prizes that he had received ,I remember him so well I hope I run into his blog one of these days. So that is why I should'nt be surprised. I now forgot how I started blabbling oh yeah! about how I like it simple and the insperation and stimulation I have recieved from visiting blogs , I am envious of the more liberated quilters in a good way always , since then I said to my self think crazy theodora, and I started some crazy blocks and I will post them soon . thank you to enyone who took the time to read and see you soon in blog world ....theodora