Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hello to all ,I have been wanting to make this post for quit a while now ,things are just not moving as fast as I want, but there are some real good news from the Quilting with a purpose project which my friend Kristina is working real hard to complete.  As you can see from the photos things are rolling along ,she has been quilting all day these days getting all the quilt tops quilted. She had many fine Lady's offering  quilt tops,   I thank all of them and especially my two blog friends Vreni from Singapore and Valentina from Cyprus I just realized there names both start with a V   Ha Ha Ha !   .   I am so happy  she has a mighty fine group of Lady's helping her out in order to reach her goal , to have 50 baby quilts done by Christmas for the baby's at the local orphanage ,I pray for her and her group to have the streghth to finish this important task. 
Above is Kristina's site I invite all of you to visit and see the many beautiful quilts,and there is a super video of her studio and her using the quilt machine that she has I just love it I must have one, but that is another story .

There she is  rolling out the quilts to be quilted the pastelish one is mine, but I like the one on the left more than mine,as they say the grass is greener on the other side LOL.                                                                 
                                                   Here is Kristina getting ready to quilt ,she has a nice machine and table which makes it easier to complete all those quilts.   About 3 weeks ago Kristine and her DH took an excursion to Cyprus to meet Valentina and visit the quilt shop there and on there way back they stopped by and visited me and my DH, we had a nice short visit ,took a stroll and ate at a souvlaki place and then walked to my friend Vaso's craft shop which is down the street from mine ,there I managed to remember to take a photo,I'm on the left and Kristina in the center and Vaso right.     

The top two are mine, and the hello kitty down at the bottom ,I guess I was in a pastelish mood.

This is Valentina's ,isn't it bright and cheery .
This is Vrenis awesome quilt, I just love it.
kristina and one of her girls  proudly holding up one of the quilts.
Valentina sent me this beautiful tin sewing box with some luscious fat quarters ,I just love it all and I will treasure the tin forever, the fabrics I will use in a quilt.

Kristina brought me this real cute card trick pin ,and she has it pinned on a yo yo that she made,I just love it and I will treasure it forever also.

I just love the ladder that Kristine has in her studio ,I love all of her studio especially her machine oohhh... there I go again I must control myself, ever since I saw the video ofher using that machine on her site ,I can't think of anything else seriously  I would love to have one ,so I am saving my money  to get one, well I don't want to bore you with the machine , anyhow I wish all of you a happy wonderful time quilting may you always have enough binding. love ya all ,theodora


sunny said...

I had forgotten about your project! I have a completed quilt that is about 40 x 40. Please send me an address, and I'll ship it to you!

Cyndi said...

Hi Theodora! It does really look like things are rolling along very well on the quilting project. I'm so happy that you all are receiving so many quilts for the orphans...what a wonderful thing! And I love your pastel quilts...they are darling!

Take good care and I hope to chat with you soon!



Maria said...

WOW you have all made some beautiful quilts. I am sure they will be much loved.

wackywoman said...

Quilters are such generous people. Wonderful project there! I belong to a guild who give away almost 300 quilts to charity a year.

Oops-Lah said...

Wow, all quilts are beautiful. I hope that they will bring comfort to the children in the orphanage. Kristina must be a very busy lady, if she has to quilt 50 quilts before Christmas ;). Hugs Vreni x

kristine said...

hey theodora - i am that crazy lady kristina who is making 50 baby quilts for christmas!! HA! what a great post:) thanks so much for being part of this project and for passing it on to other quiters through your blog:)
i hope you save your money fast so you can get that machine:) and thanks to you who are chipping in with us!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Theodora, nice to meet you and your lovely blog! What a wonderful post with full of friends and beautiful quilts!
Sunny wishes from Chania! Teje

Anonymous said...

Hello Theodora, nice to meet you and your lovely blog! What a wonderful post with full of friends and beautiful quilts!
Sunny wishes from Chania! Teje

Sammy said...

I love you quilts , Theodora, they are beautiful. I also had a chance to look at your lovely friends. Lovely post my dear , dear friend.


-Samya :-)

Jenny said...

What lovely charity quilts! i hope you are able to meet your goal.

Micki said...

What gorgeous charity quilts! You all are so nice to do all that work.

Tina said...

Hi Theodora! Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't know if I should write in English or Greek because I haven't exactly understood if you are Greek or just living here.
To answer the question about my blog's two languages, there's no hidden trick, I just keep two different blogs, you can see the different url.
Your blog is full with delightful handmade things, keep up the good work!

Quiet Quilter said...

Love the quilts! Your group is so productive and I love the ladder also....wish I had one....