Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello there I am writing about the fabric stores that I shop, from they don't have fabric specifically for quilting ,but I find some goodies now and then . These stores are run by a family that have been in the business for ages this particular store is run by the mother and her son.

As you can see this is the front of the store I asked permission from the shop owner helen, I have been a customer for many years so she said yes as long as I don't take a photo of her. ( lol I just realized that you can actually see my reflection in the shop window double lol)

These fabrics on the left of the store have linens and some quilt weight cotton ,I sometimes get lucky and find some goodies.

These are the fabrics all lined up none of these are cotton I look at them sometimes and I wished some of them were the colors are so pretty ,but they are fancy fabrics for dresses or more special occasion attire.

I just love these play full teddy bears.

I got cute ice cream cone fabric.

One day I found this beauty it was on a bolt with 3 other fabrics wrapped over it ,and I bought all of it of course ,there was only about 1 1/2 meter or so , I was really impressed by it.

Another of my finds ,I just love the etching archaic style that it has .

Isn't it a beauty ? I love the colors some fabric is so pretty you don't want to cut it .

A larger view of the fabric isn't it artsy?

I found this the other day , I don't know what to do with it , or what to make with it .
And last ,but not least this pink with white polka dot, I love it so I got a couple of meters.

NOW we go further up the street and we arrive at the fathers store it looks like a rummage store I like to go there more often his prices are better, all of the fabrics I have shown you I purchased from here ,when you arrive it's not street level you go down some steps.

And there he is PANAGIOTIS he lets me rummage around and when I find something I like he doesn't even get up I grab the meter stick of course after we haggle over the price he says a price and I gasp and then he lowers and we are both happy. I measure and cut myself , I don't even pay if I don't have cash ,I just write it in his little black book , and that's about it for fabric buying in Marousi there are some fabric stores downtown Athens ,but they don't carry anything more than what I get here , plus I don't have the time to go downtown. I have purchased from the Internet in the past ,but for now I have enough so I thank you all for stopping by and I hope you liked my little tour see you again soon!!.


Micki said...

I wish that I could go shopping wih you! The fabrics are incredible. Joe and I honeymooned in Greece. We went to Athens, Santorini, Naxos, Paros, and Mykonos. We were backpacking and our favorite island was Santorini. We do intend to return and see Santorini again with some other different islands.
Thanks for showing the fabric!

Melissa said...

I think that I could spend a long time wandering around that first store looking at all the wonderful fabrics even if they aren't cotton. But if I could only go to one of them, I'd rather go see PANAGIOTIS. It looks like you could find any manner of treasure in there and he seems like quite the character and worthwhile to meet!

Helen said...

Ooohhh, thanks for taking us shopping with you!! I wonder if your fabric is more expensive or cheaper that what we get in the states! While in Egypt, I was surprised that they didn't have more COTTON fabric when I was touring their bolts of fabric from the street vendors. They had all this flasy knits and stuff!!

Also, I wanted to say I appreciated your comment/encouragement for me to visit Greece. We're still planning a trip, but not 100% sure we still want to do Turkey. We may have to delay things a bit too for finances. Either way, I can live vacariously through you! Hope to see more of your beautiful country!

Sammy said...

Thank you so much for the lovely fabric you have post it in your blog. Actually I am a first time visitor. I’m a Civil Engineer, and I love to sew and create. I was in Egypt recently, and to my surprise there was no cotton fabric (actually I was brought up in Alexandria- Egypt), and while growing up, there was a lot of different fabric, but now hand sewing is sort of a dying art.
Thanks again.


Thea said...

This post made me laugh. I lived in Greece many years ago and it brought back happy memories of how casual and relaxed the lifestyle is. My name was Theodora too but I changed it to Thea when I got older. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. x

Valentina said...

Dear Theodora, next time I am in Athens I will ask you to take me to meet Kyrio Panayiotis! How lovely. But if you need any quilting fabric don't hesitate, I'll send you from Cyprus, ok?

Your 'geitonissa',

Cyndi said...

What a fun tour that was, Theodora! I would love to browse in Panagiotis' shop. I'm sure I'd find a lot of treasures in there - and I really love the laid back atmosphere. No shop here in the States would let you leave without paying on the spot!



annabel said...

i have to make a costume for a christmas play for a 5 year old. you don't give the address of this shop. i used to know all the shops but i have lost track of them. where is it in maroussi?