Saturday, February 27, 2010

finally here

Well hello! I finally got started after reading other peoples bloggs and I decided it would be fun to start one after flirting at the idea for a while , I enjoy quilting and crafts ,and I sometimes paint oil and watercolors, I wish I had more time to do the things I love. I run a art and frame bussinesss with my husband and it is very stimulating we buy and sell art ,and frame other peoples items that need custome framming which is interesting and enjoyable to help people pick out frames and make suggestions for there art work. I also have a couple of stands with tubes of colors, I also carry streched canvas for artists , my best day is sunday when I sometimes go to the fleamarket its right by the acropolis I take the train and get of at thesion and in about 35 minuets I am there normally I look for interesting items to use in quilting, pillows ect. I like old doilies and I have a small collection of them, some I place over velvet fabric and make cushions I like small ones I will be posting some photos of them soon, so long for now. theodora

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