Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello to all my friends I know it has been a while ,but I have been real busy and I just what to tell you about my newest finds ,first of all can you believe someone through out this beautifull wood rocking chair , I had one just like it when I was living in California .  I remember rocking by first born in it and when I saw it by the trash bins as I was arriving to by shop I parked and swooped it up before someone else would.

Today is Sunday so I came to the shop and took it out and started working on stripping the old paint on it ,someone had painted it a couple of times so I have alot of work to do .
And just this morning on my way to the shop I found this real nice case I belieave it was filled with a flatware set and they through it out ,it is perfect to store my sewing stuff like  I am sure I can fill it with all sorts of things ,I think I will paint it or  decopouge it ,I am still thinking .

And a while back I found this little table with a magazine rack on the bottom ,it needs to be repaired also ,the table top needs to be attached which is easy for me to do I think of myself as bieng pretty handy with things .

The photo is not so good, I am sanding the table while in the store , it will be pretty when completed.

I haven't ever mentioned it ,but I live right by a huge mall ,just a 5 min. walk so I go there alot when we are not open on Monday and Wednesday evenings ,so when I have time I go for a walk and look around .  There is a store there called Zara Home and they have some real cute childrens bed sheets and it was the end of season sale  and I got some real nice pieces for only 1.99 per sheet ,so I got some to use for quilting since pretty prints are hard to find over here I was really pleased to get these at such a good price.
And on the quilting front I started a 1/4 circle pattern  and I picked it up and worked on it for a while,I just like to float around my projects ,and I do get bored easily so that is why I have so many ufo's.

If you read my last post I was doing some potholders and I haven't stopped really... I just can't seem to stop making them they are so much fun to do and I have given some away and making more as long as I have those batting strips in my stash ,but I think I am almost done . Well friends that is what I have been up to these last 3 weeks time goes by so fast , spring is comming and I will be going downtown to the fleamarket one of these Sundays I haven't been down since last summer can you believe it !! .  I wish all of you a nice Sunday and plenty of sewing fun in your spare time. xoxo Theodora

Monday, March 7, 2011


My sewing machine was acting up ,so I opened it up to clean and oil it ,but still no go ,I looked at the feed dogs and they just didn't seem to be moving as they should so......

I opened the cover underneath and looked and saw that the feed dog bearing was completely worn out ,do you see behind the white bearing it is connected to a brownish colored one which has some worn out light colored flakes on it ,that is the one .  Well my husband thought that since I was able to find the cause ,I can replace it on my own ,I don't know why (he must think I am a superwoman LOL)
So we went to the Singer center just down the street from our shop and got the right part ... well I looked and it just seems that one is connected to so many other parts I called it quilts after 5 min . My husband kept saying it is nothing if he  could see better he would do it ,I don't think I would let him just  between you and I .  So I took it in and got it yesterday Yay !!!!
Since I couldn't sew I spent my free time at home organizing my fabrics here I have all of my pretty prints ,notice how pleased my doll is .          
I also worked on the teapot templates after working on the  drawings !!
I had some rough sketches on a piece of paper and then redrew them and traced and cut them out with a box cutter since I am using thick matting board.
I was looking through my stash and I noticed that I had some batting scraps, they happen to be the right size for potholders so I made some.
I made 3 of them .
There is a large department store near my home I decided to go in and looked around ,it just recently opened, It is huge , I looked around  and these are the only things that I found use full for me ,now the white roll is used for seams so you don't have to use a needle and thread ,sort of fusible web ,I will try it for applique.

And the little cups I thought they would be perfect for pin cushions.
And there is my little Bunt cake it looks puffy enough I think!! I am quite pleased with it ,I will be making more of these.

I had some of these spare blocks from a previous project , so I played with them ,cutting in  different pieces and putting them back together sort of doing a puzzle seeing how to put them back in a way that was most appealing to the eye, notice that I used the bottom left one for the pin cushion .  So that is what I have been doing,I wish all of you a nice day and to make something nice and creative . xoxo theodora

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well Hello there ! I was visiting Marilyn's blog at Marilyn's Maze the other day and her post read national tortilla day ,had a link for a recipe ,I quickly clicked on it and the recipe read, buy some tortillas and cut them and put in the oven I think it was sort of how to make  tortillas chips well enyway I was in the mood to make some and believe it or not I had been flirting at the idea ,but then I think about making everything .

I went to youtube and got a recipe and it read ,4 cups of flour and mix in 1/8 tsp of baking powder ,add 1/2 cup of crisco and work it together untill it is crumbely,  then in 1 cup of warm water add 11/2 tsp. of salt and knead it well to form a ball ,and then cover for 20 min, cut in little balls and put some crisco on your fingers and form into a round flat shape and  roll them out adding a bit of flour if sticky .

And there they are !! so deliciouse and fresh ,I also had chilli going at the same time ,and quilting no just kidding!!

 I managed to find kidney beans at a health food store ,they don't have them in reg. super markets over here they do have tortillas though ,but from now on I will be making them.
I also made one heart shaped just by chance!! I ate it.

And this is the final product my chilli and my tortillas with all the fixings, I  reccomend to try them, and thanks Marilyn!!, wish all of you a nice day.