Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello my friends  !! I wish all is well with you , I am posting a photo of my good friend Zaharoula with a pillow I made for her since she is a great admirer of my work .  It happened to be her name day a couple of weeks ago ,it was saint Zaharias day and here in Greece name days are celebrated even more than Birthdays .  Many families prepare big dinners for friends and family members all come over and offer gifts and well wishes .   Since life has become a bit more Westernized it has become less and less frequent .

And here is the pillow I made for her ,isn't it just sweet she was so thrilled with it she said she has a special place for it in her home.

Do you see this print ? well I must tell you it is from a little girls skirt that someone had thrown out that  I happen to find ,I took it apart.     I happened to be talking  on the phone with my friend Kristine and I mentioned to her that I ripped apart a garment for the fabric ,she laughed and said that is pathetic and she is right I was in love with that fabric I just had to make something with it ,and the right word is pathetic LOL !!.

This is the close up of the flower I made ,the white is circles diff. sizes and clipped and the top I didn't make ,it is a flea market find I got a whole strand of about 30 of them for .50 cents is that a bargain or not?
I had been playing around with the idea of making applique tea cups ,so I drew some and made a template .
Then I got out my vintage stitchery finds and sort of placed one by one to see which one is most pleasing to the eye,and  I think this one above is my favorite ,but I took photos of all my various choices .
I have a blog friend by the name of Sunny and she has mentioned on her blog  a while back that she would like to make a wall hanging of pitchers ,so I thought I would make a couple for her,  Sunny had also sent a real cute baby quilt for my friends charity project  quilts for orphans ,Quilting for a purpose and I again would like to thank her so much for her kind generosity .  So I made some real rough sketches and I thought maybe make different shapes of pitchers ,so this is what I got for now now remember these are just a rough draft I will clean them up and bit when I get back to the drawing board , make  the final templates and pick out the fabric which is the most fun and cut them out and probably do a zig zag stitch, Sunny what do you think ??
I got in the mood a couple of weeks ago to make some boats ,I had cut out the template patterns with regular paper .
Then after playing around with the size of the pieces ,I took the final one to my shop and cut out the template patterns with  thick matting board which I have loads of , I got some clear envelopes and put the completed block with the template pieces inside so that way I can see the pattern and have the pieces to make it again in the future, So that is what I have been up to these last couple of weeks.
By the way a couple of weeks ago a got an e-mail from Angie which happens to live in  Ecuador ,she is doing a series of interviews of International quilters and the challenges that they face ,and she is right it is a challenge , and can you believe she wanted to interview me of all people I guess now I am famous LOL ,since I am not patient or maybe just to lazy to make a link I just copied and pasted the link ,I am sure I can do a link ,,but I am sure one of these days I will get the hack of making links, I have said that before ,and another thing every time I do a spell check I get the Greek alphabet so I haven't been able to do any spell check ,I am sure somewhere there are some  I have to look into that it is frustrating, and loading  photos I can only do one at a time then save and click back it has taken me all morning to make this  post,.   .I have some finds I got to post and they are woozies is that a word?? anyway I am going for a walk now, wish all of you a wonderful Sunday and hope the weather is nice enough to get out I know some of you have plenty of snow by for now,xoxo theodora