Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This little number got lucky ,and I feel lucky I found it in my stash basket full of items I call "IN THE MAKING"'  or more proper my "' basket of shame'' !!l lol .  I don't even remeber what I was looking for Oh!! I just remebered I was looking for a piece of batting  in which I wanted to make a practice pad  ,as soon as I saw it I dropped everything to work on it ,I had purched the linen fabric 2 years ago and cut  it out , and then I got into something else like always and placed it in the basket..
I had to adjust the darts I think it was fashioned for a normall hieght women, I am on the short side or I should say petit.
I struggled with the zipper ,but I prevailed
I was thinking of adding something to it like crochet lace, these I found !yes some nice lady didn't want them enymore ,they were sewn on at the edges of pillows ,I simply ripped them out to use for my creations .
I also had some embellishements from a past flea market trip ,aren't they pretty ,I just couldn't decide what to go with .
I finally decided on the lace ...what do you think??
I sewed it on by hand and I went to my box of nick nacks and found this pin that I had puchased .... get ready 29 years ago I remember because I didn't have eny kids yet ,me and hubby used to go to the Pasadena flea market that used to take place at the P.C.C on the 2nd sunday of every month at the parking lot ,so this pin is from there I love it .
the finall result how does it look!!!!