Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello there !! here I am finally after a long month of working long hours in the shop trying to make space for my Hinterburg machine quilting frame.   I had purchased it while visinting my mom in Oregon back in April soooo this has been a long wait to get it over here and waiting for the right time to get it set up .

In the begging it was just a box sitting and waiting for it to be opened and put together.
I was very fortunate to have Kristine and Thomas come down to Athens for the quilt exhibit that was scheduled on the 27th of Oct. and they came down a couple of days earlier to help me ,since they have one and Thomas had put together a couple of them.  Kristine and Thomas are the couple that organized that wonderfull Quilt convention in Thessaloniki in the city which they live .  It was a challange finding the poles and getting them to fit , they have diff. sizes here than the U.S. We had two to choose from, one was a bit to big and the other was just a tad to small so we had to find some special caps  that went around the smaller ones  to make them fit ,soo finding the poles was the hardest part.

We worked well into the night getting it installed properly .
kristine has been working with that particular frame and she knows exactly how it should be.
And here it is all complete my friend Madelyn came and helped put the wood pieces together  with Kristine ,while Thomas and I went hunting for the poles. 
And this is Thomas resting in my rocking chair , a well deserved rest.  Know you notice the machine is my old Singer since I don't have the knew machine (Janome 1600) has not arrived yet . And to top that my machine had tension problems  so , we couldn't quilt with it ,it would go and then the thread would break .  I looked at it carfully and discovered that a screw is missing from the bobbin case.
Here I am with my quilty friends ,Madelyn,Kristine and I .
 I am happy just getting it installed and ready and waiting for my new machine to arrive.  Since then I  have removed the machine and had it repaired .  I have been sewing a knew quilt top when business permits and that keeps me busy.  I wish all of you well I am very sorry that I haven't been able to visit or  reply to your comments from my last post ,but I will  be back to my old self soon .  xoxo Theodora